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By Benetrends • February 12, 2014

Volunteering With Ultimate Cruise Experience (UCE)

Urban Life Feed, Inc., presents The Ultimate Cruise Experience (UCE), whose main goal is to assist with urban family development, youth and international outreach, and community service efforts. The mission of the Urban Life Feed, Inc. is to reach, teach, and empower our future leaders by feeding the visions of tomorrow.

The Ultimate Cruise Experience and the associated community service initiatives have provided various volunteer services such as donated school supplies, monetary donations, mentoring, speaking engagements, provided medical supplies, etc. Areas that we have been fortunate enough to support include St. Lucia, Nassau, St. Thomas, St. Kitts, and most recently as of this past January 2014, Barbados and Antigua. And that’s just abroad. Participants have joined us domestically to Adopt a Family of 10 for the Holiday Season, walked for the Alzheimer’s Association, given blood to Red Cross, among other ventures.

Benetrends, Nia Pearson, Retirement Plan Analyst, volunteered in Barbados and Antigua.


It’s an incredible and enlightening experience for successful community leaders, partners, and supporters to come together, to participate in community service projects to those that are less fortunate and in great need. This is done while they are on vacation in the effort to support a cause bigger than themselves. And it is greatly appreciated each year!