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Benetrends Secured a Start-Up Loan For a Client in Atlanta with the help of BoeFly

Mike Rozman from BoeFly mentioned Benetrends on a RADIO Interview on how a new franchise owner opened up a Kennedys Cuts in Atlanta by securing capital funding with a bank in Florida. In this case, despite the fact that the hair salon business was a start-up, the borrower secured an SBA loan to cover start-up costs such as building out their location and initial working capital. “What’s nice about a franchise deal, is a lender can underwrite that business by looking at the history of the franchise,” said Mike Rozman, BoeFly Co-President. The business owner efficiently built a financing request and connected with a wide array of lenders in their community and across the country. In the end they secured their loan from a lender in another state, something they couldnt have done efficiently without BoeFly.

As Senior Director of SBA Financing, Dave Grams ensures that each client receives the best possible financing options available. He guides each client through the entire process start to finish to be sure that the loan is secured seamlessly.

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