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How will the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act Affect ROBS?

We have been very watchful of the tax reform that has been fiercely debated in Washington and was signed into law on December 22, 2017.  With the help of our tax partners, below are some of the highlights regarding the reform’s effect on the ROBS business:

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How to Use Your 401(k) for Small Business Funding

When you have the dream of starting your own business, you need a way to make that dream come true. Funding your passion often means relying on various resources for capital.
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ROBS are NOT Self-Directed IRAs: Why its Important to Know the Difference


There is little wonder why some small business owners are concerned when reading headlines such as: Unfortunately, the articles are misleading and are causing undue fear and concern, often where none is warranted. The articles are addressing two Tax Court cases (Peek and Ellis) that deal with the misuse of Self Directed IRA’s and do not pertain to “Rollover as Business Startups” (ROBS) arrangements. Benetrends’ founder and Chairman Len Fischer, the architect of ROBS arrangements, states, “The rules are very different for self-directed IRAs. The ROBS community is not affected by (the) court decision(s).”

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