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3 Innovative Ways to Use the Rainmaker Plan to Grow Your Business

Entrepreneurs looking to leverage existing 401(k) assets to start their business have long trusted the Benetrends Financial's Rainmaker Plan® to realize business ownership. With those assets available, business owners have more flexibility in how to start and grow their companies.

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Need to Borrow Money For Your New Business? An Alternative to “Family Funding”

You wanted to open your own business, but you didn’t have quite enough saved to make your dream a reality. Enter your family (or friends) with a loan that will allow you to open your business.

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Turn your Thrift Savings Plan into a Thriving Small Business

Your time in the military is filled with big projects, stressful deadlines and probably even more seemingly ordinary events.  But once you look back on them, you realize how all those events add up to a resume filled with interesting skills that you carry into the civilian world.

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Benetrends Rainmaker Plan - 401(k)/IRA Business Funding

Embrace the rain with the Benetrends Rainmaker Plan as your umbrella.

We know you understand the benefits of opening your own business. But what are the benefits of using the Rainmaker Plan to fund your new business? They’re simple and clear.

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Clients In The News: Roundup

Our amazing clients are making news all over the country! Read what some of them are doing:

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