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How To Shorten The Sales Cycle

Definition: Closing the business as quickly as possible after 1st initial contact.

Whether you’re a hunter sales rep, a farmer sales rep, inside sales or outside sales, having the ability to control and at times shorten the sales process is a powerful tool to have in your arsenal.

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Girls Just Want To Have Funds!

Women-owned businesses are a huge part of the economy. Knowing how to access and obtain the special resources available for these companies is critical for success. We can help you locate all the necessary resources to start and grow your business. Many studies maintain that women have significantly reduced access to capital and encounter less favorable loan rates. For every 10 men starting a business, there are 8 women. What is the reason for this rise in women’s entrepreneurship in the US? One reason is that in 2011, a higher percentage of women are seeing opportunities.

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Ensuring status as an Employee

It is very important to be properly considered an Employee for qualified retirement plan purposes. Following are some helpful tips on this topic:

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Clients In The News: Roundup

Our amazing clients are making news all over the country! Read what some of them are doing:

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