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Can Women Get SBA Loans to Finance a Franchise Opportunity?

Women looking to buy a franchise can leverage government-sponsored programs to provide for start-up funding. While these programs can provide some assistance to get a franchise up and running, many female entrepreneurs find they need additional financing options to meet their start-up needs.

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Why Investment in a Franchise Is About More than Money

If you are thinking about owning a franchise, there are many skills and experiences that will lead to positive outcomes. The lures of small-business ownership are compelling; autonomy, control, and influence are yours. There is an opportunity to make a lot of money.

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Turn your Thrift Savings Plan into a Thriving Small Business

Your time in the military is filled with big projects, stressful deadlines and probably even more seemingly ordinary events.  But once you look back on them, you realize how all those events add up to a resume filled with interesting skills that you carry into the civilian world.

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