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Top States for Minority Entrepreneurs for 2019

If you are considering launching a minority-owned business, it is helpful to understand which cities and states are the top considerations for like-minded entrepreneurs.

As seen in the recent post, Exploring Challenges and Opportunities for Minority Business Owners in 2019, there are real possibilities for minority business owners to thrive today. Here is a closer look at the top cities and top states for minority entrepreneurs in 2019.

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Top Business Planning Tools for 2019, Rated and Reviewed

Entrepreneurs and small-business owners seeking help often use a business planning tool to assist them in bringing together their financials, research, projections, and market analysis. With the right business plan tool, presentations look sharp and data are correlated. The most effective business planning tools include helpful guides and prompts, ample support and templates to help you see how your plan will come together.

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