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By Benetrends • May 5, 2015

The Facts Are In: Entrepreneurs Are Creating Jobs Faster Than The Rest Of The Economy

Recent fact gathering from more than 600 Ernst & Young “Entrepreneur Of The Year” 2012 finalists shows that innovation-centric entrepreneurs continue to go against common misconception that companies are not growing and are creating jobs at a rapid clip as well as making money in a sluggish economy.

Information provided by entrepreneurs, suggest that innovation-centric companies are focused on growing and are expanding their employment base much faster than any other segment of the economy over the past two years.

Consider these facts:

-A 30% job growth rate as compared to negative overall US job growth.
-Nearly a 48% revenue growth as compared to overall US revenue growth of 5.6%.
-These facts confirm that entrepreneurs, who are focusing on innovation and new-market expansion, get it and are using their creativity and their “just do it” mentality to create jobs.
-The average age of first-time entrepreneurs in all industries is 43.
-Contrary to popularly belief, the highest rate of entrepreneurial activity belongs to the 55-64 age bracket over the past decade. The 20-34 age range has the lowest.

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