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EBay, Etsy, Amazon, or Your Own Website? A Look at the Pros and Cons

Entrepreneurs who choose to start an online business have several options for selling. 

Many choose to go it their own, creating a website and marketing their products themselves. Others choose a different path, selling instead on sites like eBay, Etsy, or Amazon.

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| Author Molly Klein, tagged in online business financing, small business funding options, robs 401k, online businesses

E-Commerce 101: How to Start an Online Business

Are you considering starting your own business? For some entrepreneurs, business ownership means hanging out a shingle in a brick-and-mortar location, relying on a storefront to drive customers and traffic.

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| Author Molly Klein, tagged in small business funding

3 Innovative Ways to Use the Rainmaker Plan to Grow Your Business

Entrepreneurs looking to leverage existing 401(k) assets to start their business have long trusted the Benetrends Financial's Rainmaker Plan® to realize business ownership. With those assets available, business owners have more flexibility in how to start and grow their companies.

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| Author Molly Klein, tagged in rainmaker plan

Are There Restrictions on How to Use ROBS Funding for Your Business?

If you are considering using 401(k) or IRA plans to finance your new business, you know the power of financing your venture using your own hard-earned cash.

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| Author Molly Klein, tagged in ROBS provider

Can You Use 401(k) Funds from Your Current Employer to Start a Business?

Using your 401(k) or other retirement account is a powerful way to access the capital you need to start or grow your business. However, knowing the rules and regulations can often be confusing.

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| Author Benetrends, tagged in 401(k)/IRA Funding

Small Business Saturday: It's Impact and Why to Celebrate

The holiday season is now upon us. As people gather with their families for the holidays - using up the last of their vacation days - millions of small business owners are buckling down for the busy season. And while many small businesses will do well, there are still some who will find it difficult to compete with the larger retail chains and online commerce companies.

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| Author Chris Vazquez, tagged in

Can You Use Any Type of Retirement Plan for ROBS Funding?

When you want to use the Rollover as Business Startup (ROBS) strategy to fund your entrepreneurial dreams, you will need to be sure you have access to the right types of retirement funds.

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| Author Molly Klein, tagged in ROBS provider

So You Want to Use Your 401(k) to Start a Business...

So you want to use your 401(k) to start a business ...

What are the steps you need to take to make sure your business is structured in the right way to give you access to your funds quickly and allow you to get your business off the ground? If you have retirement funds and the ability to access those funds, you have a valuable funding resource.

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| Author Molly Klein, tagged in 401(k) plan

Is 401(k)/IRA Business Funding Right for You?

When you’ve done all the work to determine whether you’re ready to start your own small business, it’s time to see what financing option makes the most sense. For some small business owners, the choice comes down to asking a simple question: Is 401(k) business funding is right for you?

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| Author Molly Klein, tagged in

Business Funding and Retirement 101: ROBs or Self-Directed IRA?

Entrepreneurs who are interested in using their retirement fund assets to drive their small business creation or expansion have several options. However, there are considerable advantages to using a rollover approach instead of a self-directed option.

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| Author Molly Klein, tagged in ROBS Funding

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