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By Benetrends • May 4, 2016

NOW is the best time to own a small business, according to new poll

Many mid-sized and larger companies are feeling the pain of the faltering global economy and stock market volatility. However, according to USA Today and a recent Allstate poll of small business owners, when it comes to small businesses, things are more optimistic. In fact, the majority of America’s small business owners who were surveyed are “proclaiming there’s never been a better time to own a small business.”

The reasons for the rosy outlook? Ones that make the list include: benefits of new and cost-effective technology, the generally improving U.S. economy, and better lending conditions.

A look at Wells Fargo’s 2016 Q1 2016 /Gallup Small Business Index supports the finding, showing that small business owner optimism rebounded dramatically in the first quarter.

In addition to growing optimism, small business owners are also experiencing business growth (almost 80% surveyed said their business grew from the same period a year ago) and stronger hiring (more than ¼ planned to hire in the next three months).

In a related AllState Small Business Barometer, the small business environment is profiled across the nation and in 25 top major metropolitan areas. As of today, the national barometer is holding strong at 61. The following is a chart of survey results from the 25 individual metro areas, with Orlando and Indianapolis at the top of the pack.

 USA today chart

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