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By Benetrends • February 25, 2015

Inc. Radio: Interview With Rocco Fiorentino On How To Start A Business

Host of Inc. Radio Alan Taylor interviews President/CEO of Benetrends, Rocco Fiorentino, on starting a business and how you can invest your 401K into a new business, with no penalties...

Segment 1: Smart 401K
Addresses how to use your 401K without getting into any sticky tax situations!

Segment 2: The Rainmaker Plan
Invest your 401K into a franchise or business with "The Rainmaker" plan.

Segment 3: Own A Franchise
Think you cant own a franchise because of bad credit or no funding? Think again! Learn the multiple ways Benetrends can help.

Back to Basics | FULL SHOW | #9
Lets get back do the basics. Want to be an entrepreneur and own your own business? Start one! President and CEO of Benetrends, Rocco Fiorentinto, reveals how you can invest your 401K into a new business! Business in a slump? Author Bill Murphy Jr. shows how to reinvigorate a company. Not sure how to navigate holidays greetings? Marketing Expert Ritchie Fligler details how to accommodate all holidays without alienation.