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By Molly Klein • August 30, 2016

Franchise Financing: The Experts Weigh In (Hand & Stone)

Benetrends President/CEO, Rocco Fiorentino, was interviewed as an expert for an article on Franchise Financing for Hand & Stone franchise opportunities.  He weighs in on some common franchise funding questions including:
  • Why franchise funding is needed
  • Funding options available: ROBS 401(k) funding (Rollovers as Business Startups), SBA Loans, Conventional Loans, etc.
  • The role of the franchisor in helping candidates secure franchise financing

The article also explains how Hand & Stone helps prospective owners secure franchise financing through Benetrends proprietary fund, which has grown to $20 million earmarked specifically for their franchisee candidates!

Fiorentino says the one thing he wants potential Hand & Stone owners to know is that, “There’s money waiting for them.” 

Authored by Bob McQuillan, VP of Franchise Development at Hand & Stone Massage and Facial. 

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