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By Molly Klein • May 12, 2017

Exceeding Clients’ Expectations – it starts with Customer Service

We are all consumers, and as consumers, we all like to be treated well. But, as much as we want to receive superior service, at times it can be difficult to provide the same standard of service to our clients, especially if our idea of exemplary service differs from those who are on the receiving end.Ben Franklin, a Founding Father and an entrepreneur, had much to say about the importance of customer service: “Endeavor to be as much in your shop, or in whatever place your business properly lies, as possibly you can. Your presence may prevent the loss of a good customer.”

While in 1749 he may have meant this literally, in today’s culture, there may be many people representing your brand. As owners, it’s impossible to be everywhere at the same time. Therefore, it’s imperative that your employees know the level of service you expect for your customers.

While hiring enough people to accomplish the work of a business is crucial, even more important is the training for these individuals. And one of the most important aspects of training should be customer service. As everyone’s view of great service differs, corporations have differing views on what’s best for their client experience. Your company should have a standard policy in place - from the CEO to the newest hire - everyone should be offering the same level of service. And it starts at the top. As owners of businesses, it’s imperative we lead by example and provide a manual that outlines the customer service process.

Your clients will come to know what to expect from your company, and as word gets out about their great experience, your brands’ reputation will increase. This is what separates average companies from the truly outstanding ones.

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