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By Benetrends • April 15, 2014

Endeavour to Succeed- Capt. Mark Kelly and CEO Rocco Fiorentino share the stage.

Benetrends sponsored the Multi-Unit Franchising 2013 Conference March 27th through March 29th, at the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

The Multi-Unit Conference is the largest multi-unit franchisee event in the United States, and attendance for 2013 exceeded 1,200 attendees, representing over 200 brands.  Mark Kelly is an American astronaut, retired US Navy Captain, best-selling author, prostate cancer survivor, and an experienced naval aviator who flew combat missions during the Gulf War. The winner of many awards, including the Legion of Merit, two Defense Superior Service Medals and two Distinguished Flying Crosses, Kelly was selected as an astronaut in 1996. He flew his first of four missions in 2001 aboard Space Shuttle Endeavour, the same space shuttle that he commanded on its final flight in May 2011. He has also commanded Space Shuttle Discovery and is one of only two individuals who have visited the International Space Station on four different occasions.

Already a celebrated American, Kelly became the center of international attention after the January 2011 assassination attempt on his wife, former US Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. In their best-selling memoir, Gabby, the couple shares their story of hope and resilience with the world. The inspirational memoir has topped multiple best-seller lists,
including the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Amazon. Kelly and Giffords have captivated the nation with their story, appearing in an exclusive Diane Sawyer interview, Nightline and The Daily Show, among others, and have appeared on the covers of People and USA Today. Named one of the Esquire’s 2011 "Americans of the Year,” Kelly was also featured on the cover of and profiled in the magazine. He published his first children’s book in October 2012, titled Mousetronaut: A Partially True Story.

Kelly’s identical twin brother, Scott, is also an astronaut who served as commander of both the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station. They share the distinction of being the only siblings who have traveled in space.

With 6,000 flight hours in more than 50 different aircraft, 375 aircraft carrier landings, 39 combat missions and more than 50 days in space, Astronaut Mark Kelly is one of our country’s most experienced pilots. 
Mark Kelly is an American hero who inspires others to be their best while remaining true to their core values. He exemplifies leadership, the importance of teamwork, and courage under pressure.