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By Benetrends • January 12, 2014

Dan Dennis Named Small Business Person Of The Year

Dan Dennis, President of Dennis Corporation, was recently named the 2011 South Carolina Small Business Person of the year by the SBA and received his award from Karen Mills, Small Business Association Administrator.

Benetrends has worked with Dennis Corporation to navigate the small business financial landscape over the past few years. Some of the services Benetrends provides Dennis Corporation include: preparation of annual reporting forms as required by government agencies; assistance with maximizing annual tax deductible contributions; advice on employee eligibility, vesting, coverage and termination payouts; analysis and updating of plans to ensure qualified status; allocation of employer contributions, trust earnings and forfeitures; preparation of annual participant statements; preparation of Summary Annual Report (SAR) as required by the IRS; and trust accounting and reconciliation and ongoing maintenance.

How working with Benetrends expanded into helping you develop the company and getting the recent award?

As an owner of a small business, its beneficial to receive advice from financial experts who can provide guidance in this tough economic climate. Advice that helps us capture even small financial gain goes a long way for a small businesses like ours. Through the assistance of Leo and others at Benetrends, I have been able to advance Dennis Corporations development, even in turbulent times. It is through this progress that I have been recognized as Small Business Person of the Year for South Carolina and more recently, named the Small Business Regulatory Review Committee Chairman for the State of South Carolina. In this capacity, I will work with other small business owners to determine if regulations proposed by the state pose an inordinate burden on small businesses. We have the authority to review, alter or withdraw proposed regulations and petition state agencies to amend, revise or repeal existing regulations that may negatively impact small business. I use the guidance that I have gained from working with trusted financial advisors, including those at Benetrends, in the guiding principles I use for reviewing these regulations.

How you are doing now financially? Your take on new business and the economy?

As construction projects have dwindled over the past two years, times have looked grim, and small businesses have definitely suffered the greatest losses. Dennis Corporations revenue has dropped; however, we have met with financial advisors, including several people at Benetrends, to make sure our future is bright. We have persevered, making tough but educated decisions to sustain our company. We continue to use creativity and gumption, which difficult times have intensified in us, in all projects we pursue. This enables us to provide the highest level of customer services and efficiency for all our projects.

Dennis Corporation,, is a licensed civil engineering, surveying, and construction management firm. Dennis Corporations specific fields of expertise include water, sewer, roads, bridges, buildings, airports and other infrastructure.