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By Benetrends • July 12, 2013

Benetrends Volunteer Day with Manna on Main Street


Relying on volunteers, Manna seeks to end hunger in the North Penn region by providing food, fulfilling social service needs and conducting community education through a food pantry and soup kitchen, emergency financial aid, counseling, referrals and community outreach.

 Manna on Main Street is a place where all are welcome people in need and people who want to serve. With a staff of ten and a volunteer force, the soup kitchen is open seven days a week, offering two nutritious meals each day, with lunch on Sunday.

Volunteers serve meals restaurant style, allowing guests the opportunity to rest and connect with friends at the table. Manna serves about 2,000 meals each month and the tables are often full.

Picture above from the left: (Tiffany Donato, Elaine Panzeter, Tracey Campbell, Lorraine Goodwin, Debra Rothstein, Debbie Rappaport, Keri Leister) Pictured below: Lorraine & Keri


Volunteers donate food, including healthy after-school snacks, help bag and carry groceries, and work in Mannas kitchen to serve dishes to neighbors.

Mannas shelves are largely stocked through community donations. From a bag of food to a food drive, individuals contribute canned and fresh foods to feed the region.

Ways to get involved as a Volunteer...

• Sort canned goods
• Help at community holiday dinners
• Organize drives in your area for food or toiletries
• Prepare healthy snack bags
• Help with the Back-to-School Picnic
• Donate non-perishable foods
• Donate fresh produce from your garden or farm