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By Benetrends • June 20, 2013

Benetrends Volunteer Day with Beach Sweeps


Thank You To All The Beach Sweeps Volunteers!

The Benetrends team volunteered in Wildwood Crest (NJ) with the Beach Sweeps program. This year, Beach Sweeps has been folded into Clean Ocean Action’s Wave of Action For The Shore program, a monthly volunteer initiative started

in December 2012 to help the people, businesses, habitats and waterways of New York and New Jersey affected by Superstorm Sandy. Beach Sweeps will be the first Wave of Action where data will be collected, a vital addition which will help inform citizens and elected officials of pollution problems after Superstorm Sandy. The Benetrends team picked up pine cones, glass bottles, bottle caps, balloons and kites among other things and completed a data collection card that is now on record with the state of NJ.


Pictured from L to R: Jacki Sergio, Brittany Militello, Kyle Blacken, Ryan Beaver, Laura Yondura, Kori Harwood





Clean Ocean Action (COA) is a broad-based coalition of 125 active boating, business, community, conservation, diving, environmental, fishing, religious, service, student, surfing, and womens groups. These "Ocean Wavemakers" work to clean up and protect the waters of the New York Bight. The groups came together in 1984 to investigate sources, effects, and solutions of ocean pollution.3 pics

Successful Campaigns:

  • Improve programs and laws that protect public health at swimming beaches.
  • Reduce plastics and litter that pollute waterways, spoil beautiful beaches, and harm or kill marine life including turtles, whales, seals, birds, and fish.
  • Protect coasts from oil and gas drilling in the ocean, including Maine to Florida.
  • Establish the nation’s first Clean Ocean Zone to start

    a national chain reaction for all coasts.

  • Reduce toxins in waterways to ensure fish and shellfish

    are free of pollution and safe to eat.

  • Educate and motivate citizens from the small to the tall.