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Embrace the rain with the Benetrends Rainmaker Plan as your umbrella.

We know you understand the benefits of opening your own business. But what are the benefits of using the Rainmaker Plan to fund your new business? They’re simple and clear.

Save money eliminate penalties and taxes.

Tapping into your retirement funds can be expensive. Distributions before retirement age can cost you up to 50% in taxes and penalties.* But with our Rainmaker Plan you can use the funds you’ve diligently saved to start your own business – without taxes or penalties.

Build for the future invest in yourself.

A business of your own may well be your best retirement plan. With the Rainmaker Plan, year after year. After all, an investment in yourself is aninvestment you can believe in. you can use your retirement funds as an initial business investment, and build on them.

Plan for security without using the roof over your head.

Lots of small business owners start out by borrowing against their homes. With the Rainmaker Plan, you can open a business without ever touching thehome equity you worked so hard to build.

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