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By Molly Klein • July 21, 2015

Benetrends Client Spotlight: Yvette Dewar - FocalPoint Coaching

Benetrends Client Spotlight: Inspired Creative Excellence, Inc.

Name: Yvette Dewar

Opening Date: May 2015

Company: FocalPoint Coaching and Corporate Training

Location: Pearland, TX (although I can help anyone, anywhere!)

Q: Tell us about your background.

A: I began my 30-plus year career experience as an educator in the public school system. While I was teaching, I began a sales venture with Mary Kay cosmetics, who taught me, along with the word of God, that I could achieve whatever goals I set for myself. I won my first MK car after my first six months in the company. I then moved into educational sales, where I applied skills from the classroom, along with Mary Kay experiences, to lead to my success. I loved the sales field, and I reached and exceeded my sales goals annually. I then moved into management, where I began to hone and practice my skills of mentoring and coaching. While in this position, I effectively revived, restored and gave new life to what was considered a D product, tripled the sales goal and moved the product from status D to national top competitor. I started my own company because I wanted to control my own destiny and break through the glass ceiling that oftentimes stifles creativity.

Q:  Tell us about your business.

A: My company is Inspired Creative Excellence Inc. (ICE, Inc.) formed in May 2015. We are located in Pearland, Texas but not limited to Texas for conducting business. ICE, Inc., DBA FocalPoint Coaching & Corporate Training of the South Powered by Brian Tracy, believes that there is untapped potential in all business owners and leaders. We strive to inspire creative entrepreneurial thought in business owners to help bring that potential to the forefront - thus ultimately resulting in absolute excellence! My motto is restoring hope in today's business owner.

Q: What is one of the biggest challenges you faced and how did you recover?

A: One of the biggest challenges that I faced was being patient with myself to learn a new thing. We often want what we want, when we want it. And when it doesn’t happen exactly like we were expecting - we have a tendency to get frustrated, give up, cave in and quit. So allowing myself the grace to go through the process was my biggest challenge so far. My resolve was to take it one day at a time, be patient with me and run my own race!

Q: How did you finance your business?

benetrends' client Yvette DewarA: I used the Benetrends Rainmaker Plan®. Mona Janes (my sales consultant) and Deb Rappaport (my corporate services associate) are phenomenal! They took time to educate me and walked me through the entire process. I was told the process would take at least four weeks, but the Benetrends team was able to get it done within two weeks for me! I’ve already recommended Benetrends to someone looking to start a business.

Q: What advice would you give someone who wants to start their own business?

A: Follow your passion because passion breeds success! Spend time in prayer. Take your time. Ask many questions. Do much research. Talk to others in the same type of business - those who are successful and find out what makes them successful. Talk to those who aren’t successful and find out why. Most importantly, hire a business coach to walk you through getting your business going and on the right track. There is nothing like starting a business with a strong foundation. Remember the foundation is the base. Everything from there on is up! I am available for hire! Contact me to inspire you to think creatively to achieve excellence in your business!

Q: Do you have a favorite story about a customer interaction or any notable clients?

A: I have a client who was somewhat reluctant to take the plunge and hire a business coach. But once he decided to move forward, he is now so excited about the possibilities. I receive emails and phone calls from him often with ideas of how to grow and enhance his business. His excitement has ignited additional excitement in me for working with him! I believe his business is going to take off and reach heights unknown to him!

Q: Any awards, certifications, etc. that you want to tell us about? Or do you do any charity or non-profit work you want to mention?

A: I have earned many sales awards in my career as a sales account executive, including sales representative of the year and the company’s prestigious presidential award. While I would love to receive even more awards, the most rewarding award is for me to help business owners reach their personal and professional goals, even faster than they could have on their own.

Q: Is there anything else you would like us to know about you or your business?

A: FocalPoint Business Coaching and Corporate Training is the world’s premier coaching and corporate training organization. FocalPoint Business Coaching is an elite group of professional, certified business coaches and corporate trainers. Our certified business coaching services will help you to understand and implement proven business concepts, strategy and tactics which are guaranteed to generate rapid return on investment (ROI). We will coach businesses and business leaders to develop effectiveness in key areas related to achieving this success, including:

  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Delegation & Productivity
  • Time Management
  • Clarity of Business
  • Growth and Clarification of Goals
  • Team Building
  • Sales Training
  • Sales & Marketing Strategy
  • DISC Performance Assessments

We deliver:

  • One on One Coaching
    • Private discussions relating to your Business needs.
  • Group Coaching
  • Customized Coaching and unique and unparalleled Corporate Training
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