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By Benetrends • February 11, 2013

ASBDC Network Connection And Benetrends Unite For Free Webinar!

 You're Invited: Experts Share Exciting Options

For Small Business Funding

When looking for Capital to start a business or franchise, many Entrepreneurs seek out traditional funding methods like SBA Loans or home Equity Lines of Credit.

Did you know that you could also use a 401(k) or an IRA WITHOUT PENALTY to purchase or expand your business? You CAN!!Please join us for an informative and interactive Webinar on "Options for Small Business Funding" presented by Steve Stovall, Vice President of Buiness Development at Benetrends.

The Webinar will be on Tuesday February 28th at 3PM EST and will discuss:

  • Current Funding Options available through Traditional Sources
  • The Ability and Benefits of using 401(k) / IRA Rollover Financing
  • Is Home Equity the way to go?
  • How to choose the best Funding Option for you, your Business, and your Family

Register today to get your questions on the State of Small Business Funding answered.