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Funding and Beyond: The Strategic Benefits of Partnering with Benetrends

Benetrends understands entrepreneurs. For decades, we have worked closely with business owners to help them fulfill their ambitions. 

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4 Business Roadmap Types to Help You Scale Strategically

Business roadmaps help chart a strategic path for your business and are a valuable complement to your business plan. With a business roadmap, you can quickly compare actual results against your assumptions and make adjustments to improve operations and profits.

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What Is a Business Roadmap and Why Do You Need One?

Creating your business plan is a powerful process, designed to get you to think deeply about how your business will function, attract investors and customers, and become successful. Yet the business plan does not tell you every path to take, the twists and turns needed to get where you want to go or how to make sure you do not get lost.

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Why Business Planning Does Not End with Your Business Plan

Your business plan is an essential document, designed to help you frame your business, market, competition, financials, and purpose. However, a good business plan needs to be revisited regularly as part of a continuous process of strategic business planning. 

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Top Business Planning Tools for 2019, Rated and Reviewed

Entrepreneurs and small-business owners seeking help often use a business planning tool to assist them in bringing together their financials, research, projections, and market analysis. With the right business plan tool, presentations look sharp and data are correlated. The most effective business planning tools include helpful guides and prompts, ample support and templates to help you see how your plan will come together.

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Is Your 2019 Business Budget Realistic?

Is your 2019 business budget realistic? As the new year opens, it is important to take a look at your budget and make some strategic decisions that will position your company for a successful 2019.

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What Every Entrepreneur Should Know about Intellectual Property Rights

As an entrepreneur, how do you protect your big ideas, product designs, service strategies, name, and logo? As seen in the recent post, Entrepreneur’s Startup Success Guide for 2019, understanding the different types of legal protections and entrepreneurial tools available for your intellectual property is critical to retain ownership.

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2019 Small Business Marketing: Where to Start

Getting the word out is an essential part of starting your own business. In 2019, businesses can deploy some inexpensive strategies to drive their marketing success. 

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8 Best Books for Entrepreneurs in 2019

Information is gold for entrepreneurs. Learning from others is a great way to understand best practices and learn from the successes and mistakes of others. 

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Entrepreneur's Startup Success Guide for 2019

There are many steps to complete before starting your own business, including careful consideration of your customers' needs and how to effectively market.

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