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Buying an Existing Business: 12 Factors to Consider

Launching into business ownership is not a one-size-fits-all experience. There are many different paths to owning your own business. Some choose to secure a franchise in an established brand, with built-in name recognition, marketing, and loyalty. Others opt to build a business from scratch, taking an idea and turning it into a product or service that meets customer needs and wants.

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Should You Go Into Debt to Start a Business?

When entrepreneurs are thinking about starting their own business, one decision that weighs heavily is whether to go into debt. As seen in the recent post, Small Business Funding By the Numbers: What Every Entrepreneur Should Know, there are plenty of financing options available to small business owners.

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Forecasting First-Year Business Expenses and Establishing a Revenue Stream

Many small business owners do not know what they do not know when starting out. One aspect of starting a small business that can lead to early success for entrepreneurs is accurate forecasting of both revenue and expenses.

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Increase Buying Power and Cut Credit Card Processing Costs

Entrepreneurs in many businesses know the importance of providing customers with flexible payment options. Credit cards offer convenience to customers and make businesses more attractive to those who prefer using plastic.

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What Type of Retirement Plan Should You Offer Your Employees?

Small business owners who choose to provide employees with a retirement plan are making a smart choice, as retirement plans help attract and retain employees and present tax advantages to workers and owners alike.

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Why You Should Offer a Retirement Plan

Retirement plans offer financial security and peace of mind. For participants, retirement planning allows for confidence in retirement and flexibility to meet life’s unexpected turns.

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Benetrends Appoints Rocco Fiorentino, CFE as CEO

Benetrends, a trusted leader in Franchise and small business financing for over 30 years, announces the appointment of Rocco Fiorentino, CFE as Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Fiorentino brings more than 25 years of Franchise Industry experience to his new role.

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Benetrends Leading a Financial/Lending Summit at the 2014 Emerging Franchisor Conference

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