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Financing Your Future: 8 Challenges for the Entrepreneur

You have your vision of business ownership. Whether it’s creating a new product or service, purchasing an existing business, or investing in a franchise opportunity, the dream is real. You can see it.

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Top Questions from Entrepreneurs Part Four: Can I Use My 401(k) to Start a Business?

Entrepreneurs have options when it comes to financing their small business dreams. Bank loans, grants, and help from family members are all options, but may not do the full job when it comes to providing needed start up funding.

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Funding Your Franchise: What to Expect

When you are thinking about owning a franchise, understanding the costs of starting up your business and how to finance those costs is critical. Having a clear sense as to what it takes to open the doors varies from franchise to franchise, but there are several common costs that most franchisees face.

Here is a close look at what to expect when funding your franchise.

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The Buyer's Guide to Franchise Opportunities

Are you thinking about starting your business but finding that you are not sure about what that business should be? If so, franchising might be the best option for you. 

Franchising is a business model where the business owner (franchisor) licenses the trademarks and methods to an independent operator (franchisee). Franchising has a lot of advantages for business owners, including name recognition, a clearly defined and established business model, and in many cases, corporate support in marketing, operations, and financial structures.

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Will You Have Enough Retirement Savings to Last?

Dreams are powerful. They capture your imagination, motivate you and cause you to plan.

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How to Use Your 401(k) for Small Business Funding

When you have the dream of starting your own business, you need a way to make that dream come true. Funding your passion often means relying on various resources for capital.
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Unlock The Necessary Funds Required For An SBA Loan

One of the most popular questions we are asked by entrepreneurs interested in getting an SBA loan is:"What are my options for securing the money needed for an SBA loan?"

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Dan Dennis Named Small Business Person Of The Year

Dan Dennis, President of Dennis Corporation, was recently named the 2011 South Carolina Small Business Person of the year by the SBA and received his award from Karen Mills, Small Business Association Administrator.

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Clients In The News: Roundup

Our amazing clients are making news all over the country! Read what some of them are doing:

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