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The Entrepreneur's Quick Guide to Successful Startups

Starting a small business is a thrilling time, full of opportunity and excitement. The foundations of starting your own business begin with you. Your vision, dreams, and aspirations are an important component to any successful business venture.
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| Author Kristy Boldt, tagged in small business funding

The Insecurity of Job Security: Why Business Ownership May Be the Best Option

When you think back to the impression you’ve been given your whole lifetime, you can probably tie the word “job” to security. Always accepting the notion that the longer you stay somewhere, the better off you will be. Some of you reading this may even have upheld that notion and are now at a crossroads; you’ve severed ties with a longstanding employer and you’re well into your working years.

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| Author Larry Carnell CBI, CFE, CFB, tagged in starting a business, purchasing a franchise, business owner

Calculating the Costs of a Small Business Startup: Tips for Getting Started

Starting a new business or franchise can be very exciting. However before you take the leap, it’s important to understand and calculate the costs involved. Not only are there are a variety of expenditures and fees for the launch of a startup, there are also ongoing expenses to take into account to keep your doors open long-term.

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| Author Kristy Boldt, tagged in Entrepreneurs, business funding, business startups, small business startup costs

5 Things Every Budding Entrepreneur Should Know

"If only I had known." That phrase is not the one you want to be uttering shortly after embarking on a new business venture.

Ideally, beginning your own business should be a time of excitement and joy. The way to keep the joy flowing long-term is to start off on the right entrepreneurial foot from the very beginning. Here, then, is a short list of things you should know before you become an entrepreneur.

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| Author Kristy Boldt, tagged in

Changes Coming To SBA In 2017

Click here to listen to the recent Benetrends podcast that addresses recent changes in the SBA world. The podcast covers the recent SOP changes and their effect on franchisors, borrowers, franchise consultants and business brokers

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| Author Molly Klein, tagged in SBA, small business loans, 7a, 504, david grams

Need to Borrow Money For Your New Business? An Alternative to “Family Funding”

You wanted to open your own business, but you didn’t have quite enough saved to make your dream a reality. Enter your family (or friends) with a loan that will allow you to open your business.

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| Author Molly Klein, tagged in borrow from retirement account, rainmaker plan, 401k funding, start up loans

Rebranding the 7(a) and 504 Loan Program Names

Since the 1950s, the SBA has had two primary loan programs, the 7(a) and the 504 loan program.  As with everything in government, all things must change.  At the most recent NAGGLE (National Association of Government Guaranteed Lenders) conference, the SBA announced that effective November 1, 2016, the names of the 7(a) and 504 SBA Loans will be changed.  

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| Author Molly Klein, tagged in SBA, SBA 7(a) loans, sba loan

Turn your Thrift Savings Plan into a Thriving Small Business

Your time in the military is filled with big projects, stressful deadlines and probably even more seemingly ordinary events.  But once you look back on them, you realize how all those events add up to a resume filled with interesting skills that you carry into the civilian world.

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| Author Molly Klein, tagged in 401(k) Rollover Funding, Military, rainmaker plan, SBA, Thrift Savings Account, National Veterans Small Business Week

[Video] Franchisors: The Secret to Growing Your Franchise

Have you learned the secret of growing your franchise? Ben & Bob have! With the help of Benetrends, you can too! Benetrends has resources and tools that will help you catapult your franchise growth - from a comprehensive suite of funding solutions to pre-qualification tools for your candidates to co-branded hot sheets and custom referral links. 

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| Author Kristy Boldt, tagged in franchise funding, franchise growth, franchisors

The Importance of Pre-Qualification When Seeking Franchise Funding

Are you still wondering if you can afford to buy a franchise (or small business)? While most franchises cost between $50,000 and $200,000 to get started; there are some that can run much less and others that can exceed $5 million. Given the fact that franchise brands can vary so greatly in terms of costs, some individuals may be able to afford a luxury brand or more expensive franchise concept, while others may only be able to afford a franchise that costs much less. Knowing how much you have to work with in advance can better help you identify which brands you should consider.

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| Author Kristy Boldt, tagged in

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