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Making the Leap: 7 Traits of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs

For those who make the decision to move away from Corporate America and start their own company, there are many powerful skills needed. Among those who make the move, there are many common attributes, from persuasion and risk tolerance to confidence and conscientiousness.

Take a closer look at these traits of highly successful entrepreneurs.

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| Author Molly Klein, tagged in entrepreneur

SBA Loan Rates on the rise in 2017

In the March 2017 issue of Franchising World Magazine, Dallas Kerley, Benetrends Financial Chief Development Officer authored an article titled Issues Impacting Small Business Funding in 2017”.

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| Author Molly Klein, tagged in sba loans, SBA, sba loans for small business, sba loan rates

Top Reasons Laid Off Workers Make the Best Entrepreneurs

A laid-off worker struggles with many different emotions: anger, disappointment, embarrassment, and self-doubt. But for many laid-off corporate workers, the change opens up new doors, providing them with hope and opportunity.

Spurred by the drive to succeed and spurned by a former employer, a laid-off employee has just the right motivation and drive to try something innovative and new. Consider these top reasons laid off workers make the best entrepreneurs.

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| Author Molly Klein, tagged in 401(k)/IRA Funding, from laid off to small business owner, laid off worker

Finding Small Business Financing

Finding small business financing is not an impossibility. There are some creative options that provide the same flexibility and opportunity as a conventional bank loan. You just need to know where to find them.

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| Author Molly Klein, tagged in loans for small business

World of Beer names Benetrends Financial 2016 "Supplier of the Year"

Quick casual restaurant franchise, World of Beer, has named Benetrends its 2016 "Supplier of the Year."  

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| Author Molly Klein, tagged in 401k small business financing, ROBS Funding, world of beer, supplier award

4 Entrepreneurial Examples to Inspire Your Move from Corporate America

You are ready to make the leap, turn away from a job in corporate America, and begin to realize your dream. It is perfectly natural for you to feel a combination of trepidation, excitement and anxiety. 

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| Author Molly Klein, tagged in loans for small business

Escaping the Cube:  Why, When, and How Workers Leave Corporate America to Pursue Entrepreneurial Ambitions

Increasingly, American workers are choosing to leave the corporate world and venture forth on their own. These voluntary departures are being fueled by an increasing optimism in the country's economic outlook, a desire to have more professional independence, and the appeal of being their own boss.

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| Author Molly Klein, tagged in small business funding, entrepreneur, starting a business, entrepreneur funding, leaving corporate job

How to Use Your 401(k) for Small Business Funding

When you have the dream of starting your own business, you need a way to make that dream come true. Funding your passion often means relying on various resources for capital.
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| Author Kristy Boldt, tagged in ROBS, 401k funding, 401k business financing, 401k business funding, ROBS Funding

SBA Rescinds Rebranding Efforts: 7(a) and 504 Loans Return

Effective immediately, the new SBA Administrator, Linda E. McMahon, has rescinded the November 1, 2016 notice to rebrand its two core business loan programs. The names of the loans have returned to what they were previously:  the "7(a) Loan Program" and the "504 Loan Program." Click here to read the official notice

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| Author Kristy Boldt, tagged in SBA, Benetrends, small business loans, 7a, 504, david grams

The Beauty and Benefits of a Good Business Plan

Your business plan is a road map which helps you navigate the unexpected twists and turns faced by any new business. When your business plan is done well, it provides insights and guidance to help focus energy on truly important tasks.
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| Author Kristy Boldt, tagged in business planning

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