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Expert Interview Series: Heather Clark of Video Brewery on Using Visual Marketing for Your Business

Heather is the Brewery Rep (Marketing Manager) for Video Brewery, the leading marketplace for startups in need of professional marketing videos. We had a chance to speak with Heather about how new companies should be using video to promote their business, distribute their message, and obtain investor funding.

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| Author Molly Klein, tagged in Funding, smal business owner, business marketing

8 Amazing Women to Inspire Your Entrepreneurial Journey

Bold. Innovative. Fearless. Visionary. 

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| Author Molly Klein, tagged in small business loans for women

Expert Interview Series: Barry Moltz of the Shafran Moltz Group On How to "Unstick" Businesses

Barry Moltz gets small businesses unstuck. We recently had a chance to sit down with Barry to talk about why businesses get "stuck" and how they can get back on track to becoming successful.

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| Author Benetrends, tagged in Small business ideas

The Meteoric Rise of the Female Entrepreneur

Women entrepreneurs are a fast-rising segment within the United States and globally. Buoyed by pioneering role models, fearless Millennials and innovative funding opportunities, women are taking their rightful place in entrepreneurial leadership.

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| Author Molly Klein, tagged in small business loans for women, Small Business Funding for Women, women entrepreneurs

Radio Interview: Top Trends in Franchise Funding Solutions

Benetrends’ CEO, Rocco Fiorentino, recently spoke with Franchise Today co-hosts Stan Friedman and Paul Segreto, on the complexities regarding franchise funding options and the innovative solutions offered by Benetrends Financial.

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| Author Molly Klein, tagged in Rocco Fiorentino, Benetrends, Stan Friedman, Franchise Today, Franchise Finance, Paul Segreto

Funding Your Franchise: What to Expect

When you are thinking about owning a franchise, understanding the costs of starting up your business and how to finance those costs is critical. Having a clear sense as to what it takes to open the doors varies from franchise to franchise, but there are several common costs that most franchisees face.

Here is a close look at what to expect when funding your franchise.

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| Author Molly Klein, tagged in 401k business funding

Expert Interview Series: Blaine Bertsch of Dryrun About Small Business Funding, Forecasting, and Cash Flow

Blaine Bertsch is the CEO of Dryrun, which helps businesses forecast cash flow, budgets, and sales scenarios in the cloud. We had a chance to speak with Blaine and hear his thoughts on how to handle cash flow, forecasting, and business funding in order to help small businesses operate smoothly and have the opportunity to grow and flourish.

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| Author Molly Klein, tagged in business funding

Why Investment in a Franchise Is About More than Money

If you are thinking about owning a franchise, there are many skills and experiences that will lead to positive outcomes. The lures of small-business ownership are compelling; autonomy, control, and influence are yours. There is an opportunity to make a lot of money.

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| Author Molly Klein, tagged in 401(k) Rollover Funding, sba loan

Client Spotlight: Rick McVey - owner, Dilly Lily

I did more research on the 401(k) rollover funding option, and actually looked at 2 ROBS (Rollover as Business Startups) providers, but Mona Janes (Senior Consultant) sold me on Benetrends. The level of service I’ve received is top notch!
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| Author Molly Klein, tagged in Benetrends Client Spotlight, Entrepreneurs

Exceeding Clients’ Expectations – it starts with Customer Service

We are all consumers, and as consumers, we all like to be treated well. But, as much as we want to receive superior service, at times it can be difficult to provide the same standard of service to our clients, especially if our idea of exemplary service differs from those who are on the receiving end.

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| Author Molly Klein, tagged in exceeding client expectations, customer service

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